Top 10 Best Stock Market Gift Ideas

Bull & Bear Sculpture Statue

Bull and Bear Figure Bronze Plated Statue Sculpture 9H Beautiful bronze plated sculpture. Made of resin. Will stand out in any decor. Amazing detail and texture. Great gift idea. Dimensions: 10 W x 9.5 H inches.

The Market is a kinetic sculpture meticulously crafted to move when the financial world moves. It is the ultimate stock market gift for traders, advisors, and wealth managers. 

Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi, it can track eleven global stock market indices and five major cryptocurrencies, tilting in real-time to precisely indicate day over day market changes with an accuracy of up to 1/10%.

The owner can control which index or cryptocurrency their Market is tracking and how often it updates via a free iOS or Android app.

Bull and Bear Bookends 6 lb

A ferocious bull is on one side and an equally mean bear is on the other side of this bull and bear bookend.

The surface is electroplated with a bronze finish. The texture is quite rough which adds to the character of this bookend.

Customization is possible with plaque(s)

Swing Letter

– 3-8 stock trades every Sunday Per Week for a month for a total of 4 

Emails or SMS…….whichever you prefer. 

Entry Price for the stock (which is where its the best price to buy a stock… BY THAT we look into a key point where a stock will change direction by doing what is called an ‘MTFA‘) 

Stop Loss for the stock… (Which is when to exit a stock IF it drops below a certain price. This will help you PROTECT YOUR investment portfolio)

 –The Target Area for the stock (which will be when to exit the trade when the Target Price has been reached.) 

– Cancel Anytime NO Long Term Contract  

Price – $54 a month

Trading Books


Cybernetics (loosely translated from the Greek): “a helmsman who steers his ship to port.” Psycho-Cybernetics is a term coined by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, which means, “steering your mind to a productive, useful goal so you can reach the greatest port in the world, peace of mind.”

Since its first publication in 1960, Maltz’s landmark bestseller has inspired and enhanced the lives of more than 30 million readers. In this updated edition, with a new introduction and editorial commentary by Matt Furey, president of the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, the original text has been annotated and amplified to make Maltz’s message even more relevant for the contemporary reader.

“Before the mind can work efficiently, we must develop our perception of the outcomes we expect to reach. Maxwell Maltz calls this Psycho-Cybernetics; when the mind has a defined target it can focus and direct and refocus and redirect until it reaches its intended goal.” —Tony Robbins (from Unlimited Power)

Maltz was the first researcher and author to explain how the self-image (a term he popularized) has complete control over an individual’s ability to achieve (or fail to achieve) any goal. And he developed techniques for improving and managing self-image—visualization, mental rehearsal, relaxation—which have informed and inspired countless motivational gurus, sports psychologists, and self-help practitioners for more than fifty years.

The teachings of Psycho-Cybernetics are timeless because they are based on solid science and provide a prescription for thinking and acting that lead to quantifiable results.

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich

This motivational personal development and self-help book was inspired by a suggestion from Scottish American businessman Andrew Carnegie. While the title implies that this book deals only with how to achieve monetary wealth, author Napoleon Hill explains that the philosophy taught in these pages can be used to help individuals do or be almost anything they want. For instance, according to sportswriter Jim Murray, Think and Grow Rich was credited for Ken Norton’s boxing upset of Muhammad Ali in 1973. At the time of Hill’s death in 1970, Think and Grow Rich had sold twenty million copies since its publication during the Great Depression in 1937. It remains Hill’s biggest seller and was listed by Businessweek as the sixth best-selling paperback business book seventy years after its publication. It is also on John C. Maxwell’s “Lifetime Must-Read” list.

How To Gain An Unfair Advantage In The Stock Market In 14 Days For Only $1

  • RECEIVE stock alerts BEFORE the big moves!
  •  WATCH professional traders ENTER & EXIT trades in Real-Time!
  •  LEARN & PROFIT from daily chart patterns traded in the room!

This Stock marker Luxury canvas is a perfect Stock Market Bull Print Wall Street art for Office and Home
Décor, a great Stock Trader Gift!

Day Trader Nutrition Facts

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, with a cup of hot coffee and a plate full of fresh trading setups. But before you take a bite, make sure to have this piece in your space to remind you what each trade should have so your next trade can be your best trade.

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